Our Story

The Sip that Transformed: The Birth of a Vietnamese Coffee Revolution

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A happy beginning

As the frosty January air of 2023 blew through Haarlem in the Netherlands, a seemingly ordinary kitchen became the birthplace of an extraordinary dream. Three former non-coffee drinkers, Kevin, Mirko and Nils, were at the beginning of a tempting new venture: to introduce the captivating aroma and addictive taste of Vietnamese coffee to the European market. Lured by the unknown, the three friends overcame the initial intimidation of uncharted territory. Every challenge became a lesson, every setback a stepping stone, and our shared dream took its first, shaky steps.
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The search for our coffee master

A month into our venture, our London workspace echoed with the sound of clinking coffee cups, laughter and eager brainstorming sessions. Our journey took an exciting turn when we hit upon the idea of pairing our coffee with other drinks, transforming our humble quest into an inspired mission. We were looking for a mix of bartender and barista, someone who loved coffee, had a creative flair and a knack for creating unforgettable taste experiences. As if by divine providence, we found Mr Jonson, a coffee lover, to join us as our flavour curator.
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A journey to the heart of Vietnamese coffee culture

As we boarded our flight to Vietnam in March 2023, the wheels of our dream journey began to turn. We wanted to partner with an ethical and sustainable farm that would be our future coffee supplier. On coffee farms and in bustling markets, we explored countless varieties of coffee and immersed ourselves in the culture and traditions surrounding Vietnamese coffee. In the picturesque highlands of Vietnam, we found our treasure: a small, idyllic farm that shared our vision of a sustainable and ecological future. We added Nhu, Peter and respected coffee expert Julie Dang to our team. Their role was not only to oversee the excellent quality of our beans, but also to ensure the authenticity of our brews at source.
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Cracking the brewery code

Back in London, April began a whirlwind of experimentation, sleepless nights and more cups of coffee than we could count. Logos came and went, branding strategies were developed and discarded, but our relentless pursuit of the perfect Vietnamese coffee blend never wavered. In May, our team expanded to include Ketaki and Erfan, and together we navigated the confusing maze of finalising recipes, perfecting blends and acquiring our first commercial kitchen. Kevin's return from Vietnam with the final blend collection was a reflection of our hard work, dedication and relentless pursuit of our shared dream.
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Our dream takes shape

Our Marketing Manager joined us in June. With our team complete, we found ourselves in the midst of impending chaos and relentless work. But every sleepless night, every ounce of frustration, every hurdle was worth it to see our dream materializing before our eyes: our kitchen buzzing with activity, our beans arriving, our packaging materials filling the shelves and our calendar filling up with upcoming campaign shoots.
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The story of each player

Our story is not just about our team. It's about our suppliers, our roasters, our retailers, influencers, the press and, most importantly, you. Each of you who believed in us, who gave us a chance, is part of this story of hard work, passion, entrepreneurship and the beauty of Vietnamese coffee.