Growing up, I was obsessed with venturing into Saigon's alleys to explore 'street-food' cuisine. These 6-course meals in the set are brimming with stories, taking us back to every corner of Vietnam and other countries that inspired me through my travels. So, let's dive into what I call 'Street Delicacies' – recipes passed down through families and reinvented by household cooks who set up food stalls in front of their homes.

Banana Ginger Coffee Mocktail

Allow us to introduce you to our Banana Ginger coffee mocktail, a delightful fusion of creamy banana, a kick of ginger syrup, and our flawless cold brew. Topped with a drizzle of condensed milk, it's a smooth and spicy serenade, a playful dance between sweet and warm that makes for an unforgettable coffee rendezvous.

Passionfruit Pandan Coffee Mocktail

Embark on an epic flavour adventure with our Passionfruit Pandan Cold Brew. It's a celebration, a vibrant tropical festival where pandan's unique aroma, the tang of lime, and exotic passion fruit play joyfully with the robust notes of our coffee. Are you ready for the ride? Because your taste buds surely are!

What's the secrect of CÀPHÊ?

Our vietnamese robusta beans

This full potential bean

has been abandoned for a long time due to its tough nut to crack when it comes to roasting them. 

But hey, the Vietnamese folks?

They've got these beans all figured out, nailing the perfect brew every time. And we’re here to honour their legacy.

Because facts Matter

and my momma wears a pyjama....

  • Caffeine
    Fats & Sugar
  • Arabica
    60% more
    Less (chlorogenic acid 7 -10%)
    Depends on the brand
  • Our Robusta
    2 x caffeine content
    60% less
    More (chlorogenic acid 5.5 -8%)
  • Other brands
    Hardly ever
    We have no idea what else they add in
  • Italian espresso
    Depends on the blend

From Vietnam with Love: The Ultimate Coffee Discovery Set

This collection is your passport to the rich and varied landscapes of Vietnamese coffee. We've curated a selection of our finest, authentically Vietnamese brews to take your taste buds on an adventure. From the lush, robust coffee fields to your cup, discover the nuanced aromas and bold flavors that are a testament to Vietnam's rich coffee culture. Each sip is a love letter from Vietnam, offering a unique coffee experience that transcends borders and time.

Every brand has a story, so do we.

Dip It In