Legacy Traditional

Start your day in grand style with our solid Vietnamese Traditional blend. Go on a sensory journey as you savour each sip—roasted nuts, citrus sparks, brown sugar sweetness and a tantalizing hint of bell pepper. This isn't just coffee, it's a morning ballet in a cup!
  • Roasted Nuts Ingredient Image
  • Citrus Ingredient Image
  • Paprika Ingredient Image
  • Brown Sugar Ingredient Image

Tropical Espresso

Get ready to be spoilt! Our Vietnamese Espresso blend is like a decadent treat in your coffee cup. Imagine this: rich chocolate, nutty bliss, velvety butter, and a dash of fruity sweetness. Yes, we're still talking about coffee here. So go ahead, indulge yourself!

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  • Chocolate Ingredient Image
  • Brown Sugar Ingredient Image

Delight Fusion

Brace yourself for an adventure like no other with our Vietnamese Fusion blend. This isn't your average cup of coffee. East meets West, when luxurious chocolate, joyful nuttiness, smooth-as-silk butter, and a playful touch of fruity sweetness get together. It's an espresso experience that'll have you coming back for more!

  • Floral Ingredient Image
  • Citrus Ingredient Image
  • Peanuts Ingredient Image
  • Paprika Ingredient Image

Euphoria Specialty

Bid adieu to ordinary with our Vietnamese Specialty blend. Prepare to be blown away as dark chocolate, caramel, brown sugar, a whisper of spice, and tantalising hints of dried fruit come together to redefine what you thought coffee could be. It's the coffee experience you didn't know you were missing!
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  • Caramel Ingredient Image
  • Spice Ingredient Image
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Strawberry Mint

Dive headfirst into a refreshing whirlpool of flavours with our Strawberry Mint coffee mocktail. This isn't your regular coffee; it's an invigorating summer love affair where sweet strawberry juice dances with mint-infused cold brew, all jazzed up with a lime twist and a salty wink. A true delight for the taste buds!
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  • Mint Ingredient Image
  • Coffee Ingredient Image
  • Lime juice Ingredient Image

Vietnamese Càphê Sữa

Upgrade your everyday with our enchanting Càphê Sữa. It's more than a coffee; it's a velvet symphony of richly steeped beans and creamy condensed milk, a sweet siren's call in every cup. One sip and you're caught in a timeless moment of pure coffee bliss. Let's blur those boundaries together.

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  • Condensed Milk Ingredient Image

Vietnamese Cold Brew

Meet our Iconic Vietnamese Cold Brew, your classy liquid escape from the everyday. Savour the smooth slow-dance of water and our prime coffee beans, creating a rich and bold elixir that’s cool to the touch but warm at heart. It’s the purest form of coffee indulgence you’ll find. Are you ready to dive in?
  • Coffee Ingredient Image
  • Water Ingredient Image

Passionfruit Pandan

Embark on an epic flavour adventure with our Passionfruit Pandan Cold Brew. It’s a celebration, a vibrant tropical festival where pandan’s unique aroma, the tang of lime, and exotic passion fruit play joyfully with the robust notes of our coffee. Are you ready for the ride? Because your taste buds surely are!
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  • Pandan Ingredient Image
  • Coffee Ingredient Image
  • Lime Juice Ingredient Image

Banana Ginger

  • Banana Ingredient Image
  • Ginger Ingredient Image
  • Coffee Ingredient Image
  • Condensed Milk Ingredient Image

The Discovery Set

Indulge in the complete sensory journey with our exquisite collection, comprising four of our most cherished blends for you to savor and discover:

Uncover the richness of our Vietnamese Traditional Blend, crafted with the finest Speciality Robusta and Speciality Arabica Beans.

Experience the boldness of Vietnamese Espresso, carefully blended with Moka and Robusta Beans.

Delight in the distinct flavors of our Single Origin Specialty Robusta, sourced from exceptional Robusta Beans.

Savor the harmonious Fusion Blend, expertly combining Speciality Robusta and Speciality Arabica Beans.

All presented in an elegantly designed, signature classic box, exquisitely sealed with a personalized label.