Tropical Espresso

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Get ready to be spoilt! Our Vietnamese Espresso blend is like a decadent treat in your coffee cup. Imagine this: rich chocolate, nutty bliss, velvety butter, and a dash of fruity sweetness. Yes, we're still talking about coffee here. So go ahead, indulge yourself!

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Bean Odyssey: A Transparent Journey of Flavors and Origins

Chapter: The Tropical

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The Beans in your Blend

Embarking from the picturesque Ea Sup and Tuy Phong farms nestled in the highlands of Vietnam, our coffee blend unveils a captivating journey. Through the meticulous washed process, it exudes an astonishing fruit profile and an intricately layered acidity that will leave you amazed. Each sip reveals vibrant flavors, accompanied by a supremely soft and velvety body. Cultivated at an average altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, this exceptional lot of Moka beans undergoes meticulous wet fermentation, reflecting the high standards of picking and processing.
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The Cradle of our Beans - The Farm

Step into the world of Vietnam Highland, where extraordinary coffees are born. Our remarkable blend hails from the dedicated farmers of Ea Sup and Tuy Phong, epitomizing the essence of their craft.
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Unveiling the Numbers - Transparency

The golden harvest of January 2023 delivered these exemplary beans, and we are proud to share the specifics of their journey. At our core, we believe in complete transparency, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the meticulous process behind our coffee.
  • The FOB (Free on Board) price for our Honey Robusta coffee stands at 6.8 USD/kg, a testament to its premium quality and distinctive character.
  • For our Wet Robusta coffee, renowned for its unique flavor profile, the FOB price is set at 5.7 USD/kg.
  • Lastly, the crown jewel of our collection, the Honey Arabica coffee, commands an FOB price of 15.5 USD/kg. This reflects the exceptional taste and superior quality that sets it apart. We embrace this openness to ensure that you can appreciate the true value and commitment we put into every step of our coffee journey.