Euphoria Specialty

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Bid adieu to ordinary with our Vietnamese Specialty blend. Prepare to be blown away as dark chocolate, caramel, brown sugar, a whisper of spice, and tantalising hints of dried fruit come together to redefine what you thought coffee could be. It's the coffee experience you didn't know you were missing!
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Bean Odyssey: A Transparent Journey of Flavors and Origins

Chapter: The Euphoria

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The Beans in your Blend

In the realm of our pride lies our exceptional single origin specialty, the Honey Robusta coffee. Renowned for its outstanding quality, these remarkable beans have earned an impressive overall score of 93. Prepare to be enchanted by their delightful blend of sweet caramel, dry jackfruit, and chocolate flavors. They not only satisfy the palates of coffee enthusiasts but also surprise those who never expected Robusta beans to undergo such a magical transformation.
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The Cradle of our Beans - The Farm

Our beans are harvested from the serene surroundings of Ea Sup, a small local farm situated more than 500 meters above sea level. This idyllic hilly terrain yields a unique Robusta variety, milder and sweeter compared to its conventional counterparts. Through the honey process, the farm employs exceptional techniques to elevate the flavor profile of the beans to an entirely new level.
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Unveiling the Numbers - Transparency

We believe in complete transparency in our coffee journey. The Honey Robusta beans were carefully harvested in January 2023.
  • The Free on Board (FOB) price paid for this exquisite coffee is 6.8 USD/kg, reflecting its remarkable quality and value