Bonjour: a term of endearment that has always danced on my lips when referring to my grandma. Its roots lie in the nostalgia of my upbringing in Vietnam, my journey to the US, and my exploration of diverse cultures. Greetings take on a whole new meaning. This dinner is a heartfelt tribute to my mother, the culinary maestro, and my Grandma, the embodiment of love expressed through food.

Welcome Home: /nhà/

In Vietnam, the quintessence of flavor lies in the five elements: sour, sweet, bitter, salty, and spicy. Stretching nearly 2000 kilometers from north to south, Vietnam boasts a culinary tapestry so diverse that one could relish a new dish every day for an entire month.

A Welcome Tasting Set of Flavor:

A collection of tastes from northern, central, and southern Vietnam.

Bánh (versatile term encompassing various cakes, pastries, and bread-like items): 

Bánh Tiêu (Vietnamese Donut) - Sesame rice paper - Bánh Mì Tapas

Citrus Explosion:

Lotus root, kimchi, water chestnut, cilantro, Vietnamese cured salami, aged Iberico, lime, yuzu, lychee, kumquat

Rice Symphony:

Crispy jasmine rice smoked, five styles of mushrooms, coconut pandan sticky rice, infused scallions, free-range chicken, Peruvian green sauce

Nona Never Know:

Lemongrass, fresh hand-made Sardinian pasta, Koh Samui dry fish, Piedmont & Umbria truffle, chopped mango\


Marble beef or marinated aged tofu, pine sauce, apricot, Puglia sun-dried tomatoes, salsa macha Mexican sauce

Chua (adj) /sour/:

Hand-pulled rice noodles, smoked tofu, misho mushroom, seaweed, okra, roasted pineapple, tomatoes, Lofoten seasalt

Bubble Jizzle:

Panna cotta, jasmine tea, tapioca, lemongrass

Chè /dessert/:

Steamed peanut, slow-cooked sticky rice, coconut milk, pandan, condensed milk.


Seventy-five euros per person, including water (still & sparkling).

Natural wine or Cocktail Pairing:

Fifty-five euros per person. Because every story needs the perfect sip!  

Bean Odyssey: A Transparent Journey of Flavors and Origins

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