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Start your day in grand style with our solid Vietnamese Traditional blend. Go on a sensory journey as you savour each sip—roasted nuts, citrus sparks, brown sugar sweetness and a tantalizing hint of bell pepper. This isn't just coffee, it's a morning ballet in a cup!
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Bean Odyssey: A Transparent Journey of Flavors and Origins

Chapter: The Legacy

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The Beans in your Blend

Our enchanting blend encapsulates the robust flavors of two of our most treasured specialty beans, harvested from our verdant farms - Honey Robusta and Honey Arabica. The creation of this blend was a meticulous quest to replicate the distinctive, "Traditional" Vietnamese coffee. The radiant beans, with their compelling performance, concoct a robust, unforgettable flavor that lingers on your palate.
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The Cradle of our Beans - The Farm

Nestled in the highlands of Vietnam are farms that nurture some of the world's most exceptional coffee. This particular lot, meticulously cultivated by farmer Ea Sup and Tuy Phong, is a testament to this. Handpicked cherries are transported to the local factory where they are judiciously sorted based on maturity and quality. The beans then embark on a transformative journey through pulping and washing, followed by fermentation for 24 to 48 hours, subject to density. Finally, the beans find their way to raised beds where they bask in the sun for an average of 10 days, perfecting their taste profile.
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Unveiling the Numbers - Transparency

The golden harvest of January 2023 delivered these exemplary beans.
  • The FOB price for our Honey Robusta coffee stands at 6.8 USD/kg, showcasing its premium quality.
  • Wet Robusta coffee, with its distinctive flavor, is priced at 5.7 USD/kg.
  • Lastly, the crown jewel of our collection, Honey Arabica coffee, fetches an FOB price of 15.5 USD/kg, reflecting the bean's superior quality and exceptional taste.
We embrace this openness to ensure that you can appreciate the true value and commitment we put into every step of our coffee journey.