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Our beans

This blend contains two of our best premium specialty beans from our farms, Honey Robusta and Honey Arabica. We tried to master this blend with the goal of delivering a unique and distinctive flavour that can replicate the "Traditional" Vietnamese coffee. The beautiful beans perform so well that they create a solid, undeniable flavour that's hard to forget.
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About the farm

Vietnam Highland is home to some truly remarkable coffee, and this particular lot from farmer Ea Sup and Tuy Phong is a fantastic example of this. The cherries are collected by hand and delivered to the local factory to be sorted by maturity and quality grouping before pulping and washing. The coffee undergoes fermentation for 24 to 48 hours, depending on density, before drying on raised beds for an average duration of 10 days.
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Harvested in January, 2023
The FOB price paid for Honey Robusta coffee is 6.8 USD/ kg
The FOB price paid for Wet Robusta coffee is 5.7 USD/ kg
The FOB price paid for Honey Arabica coffee is 15.5 USD/ kg